Real Estate Impact

We provide key real estate focused financial resources for affordable housing organizations and nonprofits who are buying, building or renovating real estate for their mission and services.

Sharing Connexion is building and managing a dedicated Capital Fund, which will be used for real estate impact investing for nonprofit and housing organizations. Since our impact investments will only be real estate related financing, we will provide:

  1. assistance in nonprofit capital campaigns such as real estate ownership, facility expansion and renovation projects and
  2. resources for affordable housing projects (development, re-development, and preservation) and other related community and economic development projects.

The ideal, preferred partners for funding will fit within the categories of community development, economic development, and affordable housing; however, other types of nonprofits seeking capital campaign investments may be considered. Most of the distribution will be in the form of below market or low interest loans, or another form of impact investment financing. We typically do not conduct traditional grantmaking.

If you are planning to apply for Real Estate Impact financing, please fill out the below inquiry form. Staff will reply shortly and will set up an introductory meeting to learn more about your project prior to application.

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    Case Study

    Nonprofit social enterprise venture Bud’s Warehouse provides opportunities to rebuild lives through career and life-skill development program for employees. In 2016, they were looking for a new facility due to displacement from their original facility. In their search, they desired to expand their warehouse and re-locate to better serve their clientele. Sharing Connexion was able to assist with its capital structure and provide a loan, as a final source of gap financing for the purchase of their facility. Since moving, Bud’s Warehouse has seen an increase in sales. Sharing Connexion enjoyed assisting Bud’s Warehouse in securing new space to better serve the economic development needs of their community. James Reiner of Belay Enterprises, the parent nonprofit of Bud’s Warehouse, writes,

    “A few years ago, our organization was facing a serious real estate challenge because of the I-70 expansion project. How fortunate it was for us to be referred to Sharing Connexion. They quickly became a key advisor in coaching us through the financial aspects of a nonprofit building purchase. I especially appreciated their creative solutions to financing problems that can sometimes be daunting to community organizations. Sharing Connexion's advice and investment made it possible for us to purchase our building and continue our mission of employing individuals rebuilding lives. We are so thankful for their help!”