Real Estate Donations

We come alongside nonprofits to help make real estate donations less complicated. Through our expertise, we mitigate risk and maximize value on their behalf.

Some donors leave gifts of real estate to charities, and many nonprofits on the receiving ends of these gifts need assistance accepting real estate donations, especially for more complex properties (i.e. leveraged property, zoning issues, environmental cleanup, etc.). Sharing Connexion can help these charitable organizations handle valuable real estate gifts by accepting a real estate donation on their behalf and providing the required capital and expertise to improve, manage, and sell the asset. After sale, a portion of proceeds goes toward our Capital Fund, which directly funds our mission-driven programs. Not only are we able to facilitate and maximize the original donation, we are also generating further value into the nonprofit and affordable housing communities whom we serve.

Our extensive experience in the real estate sector gives nonprofits the confidence that the donation is handled prudently, and our ability to use our funds upfront into any necessary improvements helps take the financial risk off the nonprofit. The organization’s interest in the donated property is protected by a deed restriction to ensure it receives the proceeds intended for their organization, and the arrangement is governed by a contribution agreement document. We provide updates along the process, and foster a transparent, communicative relationship. It is our goal to support these nonprofits in their development goals, building their resources and capacity to serve their missions.

To learn more, download our informational packet.