We are an expertly managed non-profit entity comprised of caring professionals devoted to assisting nonprofit organizations who provide support services for members of their communities. We call these organizations Providers, and assist these Providers access the right places (real estate) to facilitate the programs and people they serve. Sharing Connexion assists with the acquisition, funding, and oversight of physical facilities for Providers who serve a wide range of needs, including housing and shelter, wellness and treatment, safety and security, and counseling and therapy.

  • We share our expertise and resources to connect Providers to the right property at the right time for the right use.
  • We serve as the “real estate arm” for a non-profit and, in that role, we own, manage, renovate, stabilize or dispose of real estate assets for non-profit program Providers.
  • We accept donations of real estate from non-profits who receive donated real estate that they cannot currently use. We call these organizations program Partners. During the period of our ownership of these properties, we allow Providers to use these properties temporarily. We work to stabilize the properties in order to maximize the property’s value before disposing of it, and thereby making the proceeds available for the Partner’s purpose.
  • We accept real estate donations from program Partners and match the real estate with the needs of the program Providers.
  • We provide real estate expertise to Partners and Providers so that properties can be properly managed for the benefit of both Partners and Providers.